Having devoted much of my time teaching and sharing about art and creativity, I feel that it is time I set aside more me-space from this year on to embark upon my own work again.  This will cumulate to an exhibition sometime within the next couple of years.  Here I will begin to share my daily artistic doodles with different mediums, the painting processes of my many personal and yet eternal experiences ~ what I term innerscape portraits. As I grow and change, so does the art.  I hope the artworks inspires you to get creative yourself and uplifts you to colourful, joyous and peaceful dimensions!  If you have any questions, feel free to connect with me!
Thank-you for sharing the creative journey with me as I add photos weekly.  
May the creative spirit be with you! 
Dipa Ein Siak
If you’d like more information about me, please visit this page: www.thevisionaryartworkshop.com/pages/about-us
If you’d love to join up for adult and teens art classes in Singapore or get some fabulous art tips, visit the ever evolving site: www.thevisionaryartworkshop.com
For those who’d like to feature the artworks here in your blog or website, would greatly appreciate that the artworks be acknowledged by linking the images to the website: www.thevisionaryartworkshop.com     Thank-you!
For fine art buyers, collectors and gallery owners who would like to purchase my artworks, discuss about curating an art exhibition or just to say hello,  you are welcome to contact me!


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