Watercolour Exploration June 2014

Watercolour Exploration June 2014

Using good quality paper and good paints helps to put you in a good feeling place to create.
Watercolour Exploration, Dipa Ein Siak


Harmonic Garden Resonance

Harmonic Garden Reasonance

An artwork that i worked on today – still feeling if i need to add more to it or not. WIll look at it in the daylight again tomorrow!

Drawing Practise

Drawing Practise

Drawing realistic works is useful for training the hand-eye sensitivity. One would think that I would have had many drawings of my son by now but actually, this is the first time, in his 13 years that I’m drawing him. I believe he’s always wanted a drawing of himself from me as he hinted at it a while back. Well, this will be his surprise present when I see him next!